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Computerized Tomography (CT)

Advanced imaging to determine underlying issues.

In 2009, we installed Central Pennsylvania's first CT scanner available for small animal imaging. The scanner is a state-of-the-art, multi-slice helical CT scanner. This unit is used in many major human medical centers throughout the United States.

Computerized tomography provides very fine, thin x-ray "slices" (as small as 1.25mm) of the body. The images may be evaluated individually or reconstructed into a three dimensional picture of the body. CT is an advanced imaging modality used to determine underlying disease processes when conventional x-rays or ultrasound studies are inconclusive.

Computerized tomography is an excellent modality for advanced imaging of the brain, spine, skull, chest and abdomen. Computerized tomography is useful not only for providing a diagnosis but also for surgical planning and staging of cancerous diseases. Our CT images are completely digital which allows for rapid electronic transfer of images to off-site board-certified radiologists specializing in CT interpretation. Hopefully, your pet will never need CT imaging, but we are ready if needed.

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